Meet Donna Carnahan

PHTC's Tournament Coordinator!!

As a member, you will be able to participate in our tournaments.  Please see the membership page to complete the membership form and pay online. Both the form and your payment are required before your membership is complete. 

Donna coordinates the tournament format and registration.  All PHTC tournaments are held at the Pleasant Hill Middle School.  Tournament fee is $10 per person, but if you can't play and still want to join in on the fun for lunch, the fee is $6. 

Email Donna to register for the July 1st Independence Day Tournament and bring your payment the day of the tournament, or, use the buttons for Paypal payment. 


            PHTC TOURNAMENTS FOR 2018

 Independence Day - July 1st - Sign up now!

 St. Patrick's Day - March 17th

Memorial Day - May 28th

Labor Day - September 3rd

Halloween - October 27th

Contact Donna at if you have any questions about upcoming tournaments. 










Sign up below or email Donna (your e-mail is your commitment to play) to enter the July 1st fabulous Independence Day tournament! Come celebrate with us!

Tournament and Lunch



Tournament Lunch Only